Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mairangi Bay

On a cold wet damp day all the year 7s went on a field trip this was no ordinary trip because we went to a beach and this beach was over the harbour bridge it was a long drive to our destination but it was worth the drive because it was going to be a fun day at the beach.

When we arrived at the beach every body was so excited that they ran out side of the bus to see what the beach looked like when we went to the Life Guards beach house. When we went to the station no one was there but then Mrs Nua said to Feki to go upstairs and see if they where in there he said “ we have to come up here”. When all of us went up stirs we had to put our bags in the corner where all of the were when we sat down on the floor the Life Guard told us what we were going to do on that day.

The first thing we did was going to learn about the surf and rips and witch are the deadliest and witch are the safest. Rosy who was one of the life guards said that the deadliest one was Shore Bracer because it can knock you over on your back and kill you. The safest one Rosy said was the spiller because it Spills you on to the beach and that is safe. Rosy also told us you tell if there’s is a Rip because it is calm and still she said you will be more safe in the waves then in the calm places.

When we finished that activity we went on to the beach and played some sand activity’s we played octopus and drew on the sand and played our own games like rugby, touch and all kinds of others when we finished we went for a swim the boys went first with the bogey boards and the girls went first with the life guards tube when we finished our turns with the bogey boards and the girls finished there turns with the tubes we all swapped things. When we finished our swim we all had to get changed and get ready to go home.

On that day all of us got an experience like we got before because we had never been to a surf life saving trip.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Extsream Rasta Blasta Party

During the first week of the school holiday's my Aunty Paulina had a 40th birthday party, the party was held at her house at Pt England road. when the party started I couldn't’t wait to see all of the family because i hadn’t seen them in almost a year.

When it was time to eat, all the kids rushed to the tables like a pack of hungry wolves. All of the kids rushed to the table's because their was lots of food like salad's, meat's, chop sui, chowders and fried bread.My favorite food's were the fried bread and the meat's!.

My favorite things on that night were the performances. I liked the performances because all of the kids performed and it made my aunty proud. when it was my group's turn all of us boy's went on to the stage A.K.A the deck and turned around to our audience and done the haka when we finished it was my cousin's and his group's turn his group had done a dance. When they finished every body sang happy birthday to her.

I hope next year will be an even better party then this year's party was because there should be more people,food and performances and it should be more exciting.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Multiple intelligence

We were given a time limit of only 1 hour and 50mins to complete our task.
T taught us about the Multiple intelligences. We chose two of them,
which was Visual/spatial, that involves art and Musical/rhythmical.

used hyperstudio to create our animation and we edited using Imovie. We
also created a soundscape using garageband for our amazing background music.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Multiple Intellgence and Blooms Taxonomy

This term Ms T who is my teacher has taught Room19 about Multiple Intelligence and Blooms Taxonomy. Multiple Intelligences are using a variety of skills like verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial and bodily/kinesthetic.

Blooms Taxonomy is how we understand something. We choose which thinking level we want to work at. The lowest form of thinking in Blooms Taxonomy is ‘Remembering’ because you only have to remember what happens. The highest form of thinking in Blooms Taxonomy is ‘Creating’ because you have to think a lot more to show your understanding.

Our school is learning about ‘Mighty Mariners’ but my class is learning about ‘Mighty teen Mariners’. We chose to do a Multiple Intelligence task about Jesse Martin, in this task we created an animation and a sound scape for our movie.

The Multiple Intelligences we used were Visual/Spatial,Interpersonal and Musical/Rhythmical the Blooms Taxonomy we used to show our understanding of the task were Remembering and Creating.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Clash Betwen New south whales and Queensland

''DID YOU WATCH SATE OF ORIGIN '' I DID. Kick off Had started at 10.30. My family and I were in the lounge pumped up for the big game.

Queensland kicked off from the boot of Darren Lockyer to the New South Whales. Kurt Gidly caught the ball and then he passed it to Michael Wayman who ran it up and was stopped in his tracks.

The first try was scored by New South Whales Jarryd Hayne . Jarryd Hayne scored from a punt in the corner from Anthony Watmough both Jarryd Hayne and Darius Boyd jumped to get the ball. Darius Boyd contested him and bet him he passed it to Johnathon Thursten and then he accidentally kicked it to Jarryd Hayne and then he scored.

The second try was scored by Queensland's Darius Boyd he scored from an offload from Johnathon Thursten. He just Passed it to Darius Boyd and ran in to the empty hole.

The best try that was scored for me was by Queensland's Billy Slater he scored from a banana kick from Johnathon Thursten. Billy slater was right next to Johnathon Thursten when he kick it so he sprinted to get the ball and scored the try.

The second best try I reckoned was by Anthony Watmough he scored from a bomb kick from Brett Kimorly. Anthony Watmough just had to ran and get the ball and then score

The score was 24-28 to North Queensland. I hope next time the New South Wales win but until then "Go the New South Wales.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The legend of Mt Taranaki

Many many years ago there were five great mountains they lived in the middle of the North Island and their names were Pukeonaki, Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Pihanga.

Pihanga was the maiden of all four mountains and she was also Tongarioro's wife. Pukeonaki loved Pihanga but when Tongariro found out they had a ferocious fight over her.

Tongariro exploded in lava, fire and ash with rage that made the earth shake violently, which caused Pukeonaki's gashed crater.

In the end Pukeonaki was defeated. Broken hearted and banished, Pukeonaki headed towards the West Coast. As he travelled his tears created the Whanganui River{as the rest went out to sea} when Pukeonaki reached the West Coast, he saw the Pouakai mountain so he decided this was going to be his final resting place.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Big Guy Greg Inglis

Greg Inglis is a player who plays for the Melbourne Storm. His position is center, When the half-back kicks to him he becomes a machine and usually bolls through his opponent and score's a try. He was born on the 15Th of January 1987. He has played 10 State Of Origin game's 15 test game's and has 32 State Of Origin points. Greg Inglis is well on the way of scoring the most trys in origin.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The champ Billy Slater

My favourite N.R.L player is Billy Slater because he is a high flying, Try scoring machine.His position is Fullback he plays for the Melbourne Storm. He was born on the 18Th of June 1983 and has also played more then 100 N.R.L game's.One of the best thing's he is good at, is his line brakes in nearly every game.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010