Monday, August 23, 2010

Multiple Intellgence and Blooms Taxonomy

This term Ms T who is my teacher has taught Room19 about Multiple Intelligence and Blooms Taxonomy. Multiple Intelligences are using a variety of skills like verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial and bodily/kinesthetic.

Blooms Taxonomy is how we understand something. We choose which thinking level we want to work at. The lowest form of thinking in Blooms Taxonomy is ‘Remembering’ because you only have to remember what happens. The highest form of thinking in Blooms Taxonomy is ‘Creating’ because you have to think a lot more to show your understanding.

Our school is learning about ‘Mighty Mariners’ but my class is learning about ‘Mighty teen Mariners’. We chose to do a Multiple Intelligence task about Jesse Martin, in this task we created an animation and a sound scape for our movie.

The Multiple Intelligences we used were Visual/Spatial,Interpersonal and Musical/Rhythmical the Blooms Taxonomy we used to show our understanding of the task were Remembering and Creating.

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