Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Clash Betwen New south whales and Queensland

''DID YOU WATCH SATE OF ORIGIN '' I DID. Kick off Had started at 10.30. My family and I were in the lounge pumped up for the big game.

Queensland kicked off from the boot of Darren Lockyer to the New South Whales. Kurt Gidly caught the ball and then he passed it to Michael Wayman who ran it up and was stopped in his tracks.

The first try was scored by New South Whales Jarryd Hayne . Jarryd Hayne scored from a punt in the corner from Anthony Watmough both Jarryd Hayne and Darius Boyd jumped to get the ball. Darius Boyd contested him and bet him he passed it to Johnathon Thursten and then he accidentally kicked it to Jarryd Hayne and then he scored.

The second try was scored by Queensland's Darius Boyd he scored from an offload from Johnathon Thursten. He just Passed it to Darius Boyd and ran in to the empty hole.

The best try that was scored for me was by Queensland's Billy Slater he scored from a banana kick from Johnathon Thursten. Billy slater was right next to Johnathon Thursten when he kick it so he sprinted to get the ball and scored the try.

The second best try I reckoned was by Anthony Watmough he scored from a bomb kick from Brett Kimorly. Anthony Watmough just had to ran and get the ball and then score

The score was 24-28 to North Queensland. I hope next time the New South Wales win but until then "Go the New South Wales.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The legend of Mt Taranaki

Many many years ago there were five great mountains they lived in the middle of the North Island and their names were Pukeonaki, Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Pihanga.

Pihanga was the maiden of all four mountains and she was also Tongarioro's wife. Pukeonaki loved Pihanga but when Tongariro found out they had a ferocious fight over her.

Tongariro exploded in lava, fire and ash with rage that made the earth shake violently, which caused Pukeonaki's gashed crater.

In the end Pukeonaki was defeated. Broken hearted and banished, Pukeonaki headed towards the West Coast. As he travelled his tears created the Whanganui River{as the rest went out to sea} when Pukeonaki reached the West Coast, he saw the Pouakai mountain so he decided this was going to be his final resting place.