Thursday, June 16, 2011

Science Roadshow

On Thursday the 9th of June the years 7 and 8 from Pt England went to Tamaki College to go to a Science Roadshow. We went to learn more about Science and more about our topic Bigger, Better, Faster Stronger.

Before we walked down to Tamaki College we got into 6 groups. When we entered the Auditorium the hosts were just finishing their show about fire and gasoline. Once all the other classes left to go back to school we were allowed to roam around and look at all of the exhibits.

We were given a task to find an exhibit and answer these questions: 1. What was the exhibits name? 2. What did it look like? 3. What was included in this exhibit? 4. What did the exhibit do? 5. What did you find out from this exhibit? 6. What Science idea did it demonstrate?

During that sessions of science I learnt many different things.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Surviving The Waters

For the past couple of weeks of Term 2 the years 7 and 8’s from Pt England have been going for swimming lessons. We have been going for swimming lessons from Monday to Thursday During lunch and after lunch.

During our swimming lessons we have been learning how to do freestyle. When we were learning how to do freestyle, we had to lift our elbows up and then drag our fingers on top of the water. During swimming we have also been doing laps in the pool. We have swimming lessons because if you fall off a boat you will know how to swim back to sore.

This terms Swimming was great because I did 875 meters during one swimming lesson.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Making Felt

In Room22 Huia Reading group have been learning about How to make felt. Felt is another name for wool and another type of wool here are a few steps on how to make felt.