Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Design Process

In Room22 we have been learning about the design process. We were given a task to improve the street . The first thing you have to do in the Design process is to Find a need.

The second step in the Design process is to research when you research you can look at some ideas on the Internet of what you are going to make. When you find your idea you can make it more interesting and creative. When you finished your research you can reflect and improve it.

Next is Generate ideas. Generate ideas helps you design your own ideas from someones ideas. You can also improve your old idea and make it into a more creative idea.

The next step is finding solutions and making prototypes your prototypes should be as a 3d figure so you can get a better picture of what it is going to look like from all angles.

I think that using the design process is more effective when you are going to build something.