Friday, October 15, 2010

Extsream Rasta Blasta Party

During the first week of the school holiday's my Aunty Paulina had a 40th birthday party, the party was held at her house at Pt England road. when the party started I couldn't’t wait to see all of the family because i hadn’t seen them in almost a year.

When it was time to eat, all the kids rushed to the tables like a pack of hungry wolves. All of the kids rushed to the table's because their was lots of food like salad's, meat's, chop sui, chowders and fried bread.My favorite food's were the fried bread and the meat's!.

My favorite things on that night were the performances. I liked the performances because all of the kids performed and it made my aunty proud. when it was my group's turn all of us boy's went on to the stage A.K.A the deck and turned around to our audience and done the haka when we finished it was my cousin's and his group's turn his group had done a dance. When they finished every body sang happy birthday to her.

I hope next year will be an even better party then this year's party was because there should be more people,food and performances and it should be more exciting.

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  1. Nice picture Raven, do you have any words to go with it?
    Matua Wyllis


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